India is a popular destination well-known for its cheap health care, but that doesn’t mean you will skip booking your travel insurance in India. As a traveler, you should always be ready for any mishaps however friendly your trip itinerary may look. After all these years of traveling, I had my share of spending in hospital visits, which you can avoid with travel insurance.

Best Travel Insurance In India - All You Need To Know About Insuring Your India Trip

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Best Travel Insurance In India - All You Need To Know To Get Your Trip Insured

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Things in India You Might Need Travel Insurance For

There are various avenues where you might need travel insurance in India while traveling through her terrains. I will try to break down these instances where it can save your vacation money and also give you a peace of mind.

  • Your luggage may get lost. This happens quite often in India.
  • You might cancel your trip all together for last minute changes.
  • Your backpack or luggage may get stolen
  • You might break your camera or accessories while in hurry.
  • You can get food poisoning, malaria or worse, dengue.
  • You might follow remote trails into the country
  • You can fall sick and may need someone to come here and evacuate you safely

These are few of the instances which travel insurance in India can reimburse you for.

Travel Insurance In India: Best Travel Insurance You Can Book For Your Trip

The first few years of my travels, I didn’t even book any travel insurance which I regret even today. I started with World Nomads and there are plenty of reasons to why you should also do the same. Let me break down why.

  • They have very good prices.
  • They are swift when it comes to reimbursing and without too much hassle.
  • They also cover adventure activities. Viola!
  • Big travel brands like Lonely Planet, Intrepid, Rough Guides all recommend World Nomads.
  • They also allow you to extend your policy while on trip. And it’s very rare to find such perks with others.
  • Excellent customer service available 24×7 for help and filing claims.
  • You can apply for more than 150 countries.

What Is Not Included In Your World Nomads Travel Insurance

When you search for a quote on World Nomads, you can choose between standard insurance or adventure insurance. You can get the standard insurance unless your trip is adventure specific like hiking through the Himalayas or snorkeling around reefs throughout the coastline.
I would recommend getting the standard insurance, as not only it also covers for some adventure activities like falling off a camel in Rajasthan (lol), but it gives you an overall coverage which adventure insurance may exempt.

Whichever you prefer, you’ll be covered for hospital stays, delayed flights, emergency evacuation, lost luggage, cancellation and more. If you’re still confused, read this article on choosing the best policy for your trip.

Booking Travel Insurance In India Online

The convenient way to book your travel insurance in India is online. It is wise to double check your information that you are entering and even if we can rely on mails and phone storage, print off a copy of your policy. Keep all the paperwork and contact details which you would call in case of claim or support.

Don’t think hospitals in India will not accept your policy or is not ‘modern enough’ to understand. They will. Show your paperwork and call to make a claim immediately. Don’t forget to keep a copy of police file in case of theft.

Comparing The Best Travel Insurance Policies

You will find different costs when you travel for a month, two months or even six months. I am trying to break the costs down based on time period and assuming you are traveling from America.

One Month Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance In India - Standard Plan
The standard plan is $131 and the explorer plan is $190. If you break down the standard plan, it comes to a mere $4.22 per day.

Two Months Travel Insurance Policy

If you select for two months, it comes to $187 for the standard plan and $269 for the explorer. You can see a slight difference as cost per day is getting lower at $3.11 if the standard plan is selected.

Six Months Travel Insurance In India Policy (The maximum you can stay in India)

The standard plan is $466 and the explorer plan is $630. If you break down the standard plan, it comes to $2.59 per day. As you can see, you’ll be paying less compared to the lesser plans.

World Nomads are not celebrated as one of the cheapest travel insurance around, but it DOES cover a lot and that’s why you’ll see everyone recommending them. You will definitely find cheaper alternatives, but I can’t suggest anything more as I have never tried them.

Yes you will need travel insurance in India big time, and I recommend that you include this expense into your vacation budget. Get your own quote with World Nomads below. Just fill in your details and vacation dates and choose between policies to your best interest.

Traveler Reviews of the Best Travel Insurance In India

There are some of the responses from Quora on how travelers think of World Nomads travel insurance,

World Nomads Travel Insurance is expensive because it is covering people who are doing dangerous things that are likely to create a claim for insurance. It does provide good cover for completely crazy activities.

World nomads has a top tier product when it comes to travel medical insurance. One reason why it is so high is that it includes trip cancelation coverage in the plan, compared to many other travel medical plans which do not. Usually, trip cancelation is a separate plan that people must purchase if they wish to cover the cost of the trip in case they are unable to go or connecting flights are missed!

Because you probably get stellar service. What good is an insurance company that charges half the price of competitors but can’t help you file a claim. Pricing is not all about what you get monetarily. It’s also about service. Why do people buy things not made in China over one made in China even though it’s more expensive? The quality is better a lot of the time.

World Nomads probably is not the only and the cheapest travel insurance. Do your research and choose the best which benefits your trip and budget the most, but while choosing the best policy for you, you should keep in mind that India is a diverse country and so is the experiences you might make while traveling in India. Just make sure to think before your trip so that in case of mishaps, you’ll always have your back covered.

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