One of the biggest myths out there is that you need to be rich to travel. Well, I don’t think so. With these simple yet life-changing tips, you can plan for a budget travel anywhere in the world!

Yes, planning a trip can be expensive and all, but it doesn’t have to that way all the time. In fact, if you are low on your budget, trips start to be funnier and adventurous. Here are such 21 easy ways how you can do just that! Travel cheap or travel without money, almost!


General Money Saving Tactics


  • Reward Programs – In our world, you just have to look up, you’d see almost everyone offering reward programs – hotel chains, airlines, credit cards, etc. You will also find people offering initial points bonus just for signing up with them. These reward programs sometimes can be handy in your upcoming trips. You should definitely check them out before you book your trip.
  • Travel off-season – If you can, plan your trips outside peal seasons. The best bet is to pick a sweet spot between the peak and offseasons. The ideal time for your visit can be just before and after summer breaks. April-May and September-October is a really good window to save a bundle.
  • Theft Protection – Okay, I know this is something every one of us is aware of, but mishaps do happen, especially when in full ecstasy. Keep your money in a money belt, carry it in such a way that becomes near to impossible to be grabbed. Also, make sure you have the purse opening within your sight. Basically being aware where your money is!


So We have covered up the basics. Yes, it was easy. But when it comes to awareness when you travel without money, more the better. Though that doesn’t mean you keep looking at it every sec!


21 Easy Tips To Travel On A Budget


#1 Spend Time More on Flight Search Online


budget travel tips - skyscanner

It remains a dilemma for all of us. You would like to go anywhere, ohh! The flights are so expensive. Well, not always! Use flight comparison websites like Skyscanner and Hopper to find the absolute best price for your desired flights.

Set up email notifications for both, and they will notify you about a good deal or details as price trend charts for flights.


Fearer Tip: Look up for flights in incognito or anonymous mode of your browser. It will also do wonders if you take the next step and delete the cookies or even history.


#2 Be Flexible With Your Dates


budget travel tips - google search

Google has this amazing calendar function in Google’s flight search to compare the prices on your intended days of travel with other dates and their prices. It is a great way to get a good deal and save money only when you are comfortable to shift dates.

Google will highlight in green the best prices on the calendar so that you can shortlist dates easily.


#3 Stay in Hostels For “Free”

budget travel tips - worldpackers



WorldPackers has this unique program where they will provide you free accommodation in hostels around the world in exchange for your skills.

Paying for accommodation can be forgotten while this program. Instead of paying, you can really use this collaboration with your hostel. You can just paint a wall or maybe improve their website or even do bartending and earn yourself free accommodation.

It’s a great way to gather more experience as well as peace of mind of not having to pay for your stays! It’s a win-win situation!


#4 Look at Return Prices Even When Flying One-Way


Why would you be intrigued to pay $2,684 one-way flight compared to a $988 roundtrip ticket on the same airline for the same departure date! After all, one-way flights are usually double or even triple the price for a round-trip flight. In fact, most airlines encourage the idea of round-trips more than one-way flights, cause it upsets their travel schedules.

However, many travelers tweaked this idea of purchasing a return flight and started using them for one-way trips. Hence, do check for any restrictive clauses in your airlines’ terms and conditions before latching on a round-trip ticket!


#5 Make Use of Rail Passes

budget travel tips - rail pass

Rail passes are a must while backpacking in Europe.

Now we all know for a fact that booking well in advance can help save a fortune on trains. If you’re planning to use trains on your upcoming trips, you would want to know about Rail Passes.

Rail passes are extremely helpful if you don’t want to stick to a fixed schedule. Especially while traveling in Europe. EuroRail passes are real bargains.  


#6 Become A Travel Mailman


budget travel tips - Grabr

With Grabr, a peer-to-peer shopping and delivery network, you can connect with shoppers and travelers around the world and fetch their needs while traveling. Shoppers get an item from anywhere delivered to wherever they want and travelers have an extra way to earn extra money to continue their travels.

Oh, yes! You can literally make money while you travel! You have always been asked to bring something from a trip, now it’s the time to get paid for it.


#7  Rent a Bike


budget travel tips - biking

Biking is the ideal mode of transportation to avoid chaos and feel the city more.

Renting bikes is an extremely good idea to consider as it is cost-effective and keeps you active. You may have heard of walking is the best way to explore any place, well, biking is not far behind in that regard. Some hotels even offer bike rentals included in the room price.

I mean you can just rent a bike for $2 for an entire day in Ninh Binh, Vietnam! Yes, definitely you can’t cover all of the destinations this way, but you can easily do a city sightseeing for less than $10/Day in Europe and $3/Day in Asia.


#8 Visit Local Markets


Marketplaces are usually a great place to take a pulse on the vibe and energy of your destination. Shopping in the street markets can really land you some crazy cheap deals. You would feel great strolling in these local street markets, as most of the time the atmosphere is super friendly and perfect to find out more of the ordinary products (craft, handmade, labels not available in retail..) – usually good gifts or mementos!

budget travel tips - marketplace

Local markets are always a good hunting ground for deals and cheap food!

Even though it takes time to explore the market, and sometimes weather damns the mood for it, but you will have the satisfaction of getting better deals than overpriced items in retail.


#9 Educate Yourself On Your Next Destination


I am a type of traveler who doesn’t think much of the destination while planning. I just want to indulge in the destination naturally. But when traveling on a budget, some research is recommended. It’s always better to get savvy on the price of things, exchange rates, and tours.

Learn the best way to get around and the cheapest corners to grab a meal. This will definitely help you budget your travel. You can always get guidebooks to make things easier.


#10 Avoid Expensive Countries


Quite obvious, isn’t it? Despite wanting to visit your dream destinations, you shouldn’t really visit your dream destinations when budget is concerned. It is because many people get surprised by the costs of food and accommodation in some countries.

Do some research, plan your trip accordingly. Try to spend more time in budget-friendly countries like Southeast Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.


#11 Indulge in Street Food More

budget travel tips - street food

Street food is always delicious to try, and cheaper too!

You have spent an enormous amount of time in cafes and lux restaurants. But sometimes, for the sake of a change of taste, and obviously for budget concerns, dig in for more street food. It can be delicious, cheap and most of the time, safe!

Pay attention to the busiest street food stalls where locals eat or just ask take recommendations from locals where they eat. It’s always better to see what’s being cooked fresh right in front of you!

#12 Get a City Pass


In most of the major cities around the world, you can buy a city pass that covers admissions for all the top attractions and saves you a bundle. Just make sure to check your prints for any limitations and exclusions before buying them. And you are good to go!

Knowing which passes are best suited for your trip can really make or break your trip. However, it is essential if you want to budget your travel without sacrificing any experiences.


#13 Join Travel Contests


The chances remain slim but there’s no harm in trying your luck! You can see many airlines and hotel chains holding such contests just prior to peak seasons or in the off-season. Try your luck, you never know when you get a surprise all expenses paid trip!

The best bet to be updated about these travel contests and giveaways is to be in facebook groups dedicated to travelers alike!


#14 Look for Free Days in Museums


Many museums around the world, especially in Europe offers free or discounted student pricing as well as cheaper tickets for young adults. This initiative is to encourage tourists and students to be interested in arts.

Other cultural institutions have a policy of ‘suggested donations,’ although it can be misinterpreted as the ticket price. For example, you can get into the Metropolitan Museum of Arts for only a $1 donation. Many museums also offer a free night once a month; find out if your trip overlaps with it.


#15 Use Apps to Call and Text back Home


budget travel tips - whatsapp usage

Whatsapp is getting much better than carrier services with every passing day.

Apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and others let you talk and video-call anyone else who uses the app. Utilize these apps and save more rather than using your carrier’s service. You can call any phone number in the world at a much lower rate.

Taking things further, Google Hangouts even lets you dial most of U.S and Canadian numbers for free! To send texts, head over to popular apps like Whatsapp or Viber, and message back and forth using Wi-Fi or cell data instead of paying for messaging.


#16 Get Rid of Baggage Fees


There’s a simple way to reduce excess baggage charges – wear the extra items! Like Seriously! Why bother cramming everything into your case or worse, carry another case?

There are some fantastic products available on the market that lets you take additional belongings, ensuring they won’t count as excess baggage. A luggage jacket combined with a good hand-luggage bag will get you the absolute maximum amount of luggage on a plane. You wouldn’t have to pay any check-in costs.


#17 Bring Your Own Airport Food


Yes! Airport food is costly. It is just ridiculous sometimes. I mean who will not be bothered if you have to pay $10 for a wilted, prepackaged salad topped with cold, spongy chicken breast!

It’s far better knowing you can bring solid items through TSA security checkpoints – including apples, protein bars, nuts, etc. You can bring anything as long as it’s not liquid.


#18 Choose Airbnb

budget travel tips - Airbnb

Airbnb is a life-saver when it comes to accommodation.

If you’re traveling on a budget, your first accommodation will most likely to be hostels or discounted hotels. Although if you’re traveling as a couple you’ll likely want some privacy.The price of a 2-bed private dorm is generally higher than that of Airbnb. Moreover, you won’t have to sleep in separate twin beds!


#19 Use Coupons


Coupons exist for a reason, to make purchases cheaper! It may seem to rely on coupons while traveling, but it can be really a lifesaver, or should I say pocket-friendly! You can use them to save on everything from the cost of lodging to the price of your toiletries.

Take advantage of coupons that you can find in newspapers, newsletters, or even at the grocery store. Something is better than nothing at least!


#20 Take a ‘Workcation’!


If you’re lucky enough, you can churn out opportunities to venture out more while on work. Find an industry conference, any client that needs a site visit, or a global office that you want to collaborate with, and approach your boss with the proposal.

Companies generally have a set budget for employee travel, so give them something to spend it in! It is also a great way to travel without drilling quite a hole in your pockets.


#21 Explore on Foot

budget travel tips - walking

Exploring on foot is the best way you can immerse yourself

Seriously the best way to explore is to be on foot! Nothing can beat this experience. Not only you will save money on transportation but you’ll burn off all that amazing local food you’ve been indulging in by using your own feet.

Not to mention, you can discover more about local culture and hot spots, hidden gems off the beaten path. Walking the streets on your own gives you a real feel for the place and – at least for a while – you belong there.


Travel On A Budget: Conclusion


There are several other tips out there on how you could travel on a budget, but I hope that these tips on travel on a budget will prove to be helpful to you.

The more you explore and come out of your comfort zone, you will see for yourself that travel doesn’t really need to be expensive at all. You will be able to see that traveling on a budget is not equivalent to sacrifices on the trip, rather you would get to achieve the best experiences possible. So go out there and quench your thirst for adventure!

Don’t wait! It’s calling you!

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21 Budget Travel Tips For Every Traveler21 Budget Travel Tips For Every Traveler


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