Should the budget be a concern when planning a honeymoon? Sometimes it is. We look for cheap getaways that will suit our pockets!

If you are looking to spend a good time with your partner but the budget is the only thing that holds you back. You won’t believe what we have come up with – Top 10 cheap getaways for every couple.

Whether getting married anytime soon or looking for perfect romantic cheap getaways within your budget? Worry not, we have done the homework for you! Here’s a list of 10 cheap getaways destinations ideal for an exotic time with your better half.

Get your budgets in mind, choose from the variety of cheap getaways destination packages where each destination has to offer something unique. Go, spend the most awaited holiday of your life lavishly.

Let the scrolling begin!!

Cheap Getaways For Every Couple

1. French Polynesia Bora Bora

It’s the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains and a coral reef swirling with colorful fish. No wonder it was recently voted one of the best islands in the world by US News and World Report.

Things to do: Charter a helicopter to take you around towering Mount Otemanu, then touch down on a neighboring island for a tour of a black pearl or vanilla bean farm.

When to Visit: Bora Bora invites you throughout the year!

2. Whimsical Fiji Islands

Walk hand-in-hand and celebrate your love in the hidden Eden of private beaches. Let love wrap you around as you explore the dark-leaved jungles and the sky blue waters together of some one of the cheap getaways for couples to spend quality time.

Things to do: Stay at the gorgeous luxury villas and swim with your love across the infinity pools. Sunbathe on the beaches and enjoy a pampering couple spa. Indulge in water sports and dine at some of the finest romantic restaurants on the islands.

When to Visit: Though the islands invite tourists all the year round, yet the best time to visit would be from July to September.

3. Outlandish Greece

The white and blue destination invites newlyweds with utter enthusiasm. Clear waters, sandy beaches, romantic resorts and pleasant climate make Greece a perfect honeymoon getaway.

Things to do: Dive between the two skies with your love as you witness the beautiful corals and the stars shine upon the clear waters, walk hand-in-hand on the sandy beaches and treat your taste buds with delectable delicacies at this stunning honeymoon destination.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Greece is from mid-April to mid-June & September to mid-October.

4. Magic on the sands of Seychelles

40765659 – couple relaxing on a tropical beach at seychelles, la digue.

Seychelles is a rich, exotic and secluded getaway, perfect for a romantic honeymoon on the sandy beaches. Let the solitude of one of the cheap getaways that add a magical touch to your beautiful intimate times.

Things to do: Stroll through the virgin rainforests with your love, indulge in water sports and enjoy a memorable private stay at the luxurious resort villas on the islands.

When to Visit: Seychelles invites you throughout the year!

5. Wild Kenya


For the adventure lover in you, Kenya is the destination where you should be heading for your honeymoon.

Things to do: Kenya is among the best countries for honeymoon for the wildlife enthusiasts. The most adventurously romantic thing that you can do on your honeymoon in Kenya would be to dine with your love amidst the jungle, under the trees as you witness the wildlife walking all around you. Also, whisk her heart away with a ride on the hot air balloon over Masai Mara as you both enjoy the spectacular views.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Kenya would be during the migratory season i.e. from July until September.

NOTE: Passengers should have Confirmed Air ticket, Yellow Fever Certificate, and other Travel Documents.

6. Royal Romance in Morocco

Photo credit: Daveybot on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Fantasise a honeymoon in the deserts, while you enjoy the white sandy beaches of Atlantic and its blue waters or the Mediterranean cliffs? Morocco is the place for you!

Things to do: Experience the world of fantasy by stepping inside the medina, listen to the call to prayers, while your sense is shaken by color, spices, and antiques. Enjoy the sunset with your beloved while you sip the mint tea in Morocco, one of the best countries for honeymoon for the culture-vultures. Sleep in a lodge in the middle of the desert having the star-filled sky as your ceiling.

When to Visit: April to May & September to October.

7. An Evening in France


France – the city of lights – entices you with myriad sightseeing options, eclectic selection of eateries, an exhaustive list of chic addresses, and the most famous Eiffel Tower.

Things to do: Without a doubt, Eiffel tower is the first place a couple thinks of when in Paris. But there’s more that can be included in the France honeymoon packages. Experience the pristine beauty & tranquillity of the picturesque Rhone-Alpes region, experience romance Victorian style, go for a cart ride across the city, take a picture perfect romantic evening in Paris, or sail across the Seine at your heavenly honeymoon destination.

When to Visit: You could visit France all-round the year except for July-August.

8. Surprising Turkey

Photo on VisualHunt

Turkey invites you to its vibrant nightlife, numerous shopping centers, wonderful resorts, scenic beauties, charismatic harbors and the excitement of spending the most awaited holiday of your life. Don’t miss the chance to romance in one of the most surreal places for couples.
Things to do: When in Turkey, you have to take your love for a hot air balloon ride. Moreover, indulge in a couple spa across exotic destinations and dine in the caves.

When to Visit: June to September is an ideal time to visit Turkey.

9. Exotic Mauritius & Reunion Island


Fancy an exotic honeymoon on a secluded beach?  a cheap getaways honeymoon package to Mauritius and Reunion Island.

Things to do: Couples can go dolphin and whale watching, go for a romantic date on a private island, cruise around on catamaran, paraglide while you feel sensations of a tandem free flight, hire an underwater sub scooter or chill in a couple’s spa & Jacuzzi. For an adventurous honeymoon, trek to the craters of the active volcano at Reunion Islands.

When to Visit: April to June and September to December.

10. South Africa – The pride of Africa


Right from a drive through the Garden Route that takes you through beaches and national parks, to the challenging shark cage diving, South Africa is a place full of experiences to savor. You may be a beach-enthusiast, or maybe someone looking for a lovely hike, well, this beautiful country doesn’t disappoint!

Things to do: Long drive, shark cage diving, wine tours, jungle safari, beach hopping, and adventure activities

When to Visit: Any time during the year.

11. Dubai – The best of Emirates

The Jewel of Emirati, Dubai is a preferred destination for honeymoon for couples who are inspired by skyscrapers and tonnes of entertainment option. In fact, not just the city bling, Dubai has clung on to its culture with pride. A desert safari is about dune bashing, belly dance performance, Arabian cuisine and tea, and a lot more.

Things to do: Indulge in a sunset camel ride that takes you to the crest of a dune, where you’ll pause for champagne, snacks, and fruit as the light changes.

When to Visit: November to February.

12. A wonder of Asia – Malaysia


Pristine beaches, breathtaking islands, a rich tapestry of cultures & history, world-class modern facilities and a fascinating collection of flora & fauna would delight you on your honeymoon to Malaysia. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination under 1 lakh, this country makes up for the perfect choice.

Things to do: Try night-time diving, island-hopping, jungle trekking or water sports with your beloved. Laze around at the idyllic beaches & shop till you drop. Couples can enjoy the exhilarating cable car ride all the way to Gunung Mat Cincang.

When to Visit: April to June and September to December.

13. Extravagance in Budapest, Hungary

Looking for a destination loaded with fun, nightlife, sightseeing & yet is cultural & historical? Head with your love to Budapest.

Things to do: A couple can stroll to the garden of Szent Park along the fountains & roses bushes or adventure love at Clark Adam Ter in tea time or Castle hill at dinner time. Plus, the city is known for its great shopping malls and world-class restaurants.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Budapest is from March to October.

14. Timeless Romance in Egypt

Egypt – The land of Pharaohs, is full of mystery and romance. A country where you can dwell on the past while you enjoy an extravagant honeymoon in the present.

Things to do: Witness the ancient pyramids as you shop along the lanes of El Haram, relax on the shores of the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’ – Alexandria and experience the luxury of the 4000-year-old monuments.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Egypt would be from October to May.

15. Lazy Luxury in the Maldives

Tired after the continuous wedding rituals – head for an exotic yet lazy honeymoon to the Maldives. Stay over at the luxurious villas and pamper yourselves.

Things to do: Enjoy the stay at the luxury beach and water villas and indulge in water sports activities while you enjoy the leisure time with your better half. When talking about the best countries for a honeymoon, Maldives is always in the conversation.

When to Visit: The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April.

16. Affordable Luxurious Bali, Indonesia

Photo credit: mikaku on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Kick start your married life at a luxury island resort in Bali. Treat yourself after the busy wedding days to calm serene beaches & splendid views adding the spice to your intimate beginning. Bali is a great option even if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination under 1 lakh rupees.

Things to do: Indulge in parasailing and adventure sports with your spouse. Visit the magnificent temples and enjoy a romantic time on the pristine sandy beaches during your honeymoon in Bali, one of the best cheap getaways for honeymoon destinations in Asia.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Bali is in the months of May, June & September.

17 .Inexpensive Luxury, Pampering Vietnam

Low on budget, international honeymoon destinations on mind & do not wish to compromise on the exotic experience? Vietnam is the place for you and your love!

Things to do: Vietnam is a perfect destination to laze around on the beach as you walk hand in hand with your beloved and enjoy the spectacular sunsets.

When to visit: The best time to visit Vietnam would be from November to mid-April.

18. It’s more fun in the Philippines


Big. Small. Sandy. Sunny. Relaxing. Exotic. Beautiful. Made up of 7,107 islands, Philippines has plenty of romantic places to explore. If you and your partner are beach lovers, Philippines is the place for you!

Things to do: Newlyweds can relax at the clear beach, enjoying the crystal clear waters and basking in nature’s plenty. Indulge in scuba diving, kiteboarding or cliff diving with your better half. Also, go food tasting or ride the cart across the streets of Manila to view the spectacular Spanish colonies.

When to Visit: The best time to visit is from November to February.

19. The Hidden Jewels of Cambodia

Photo on VisualHunt

If you’re thinking of cheap getaways for honeymoon destinations, but the budget is a concern, then Cambodia is the place for you and your partner. Ideal for a romantic luxurious stay along the pristine beaches, Cambodia is among the cheap getaways honeymoon destinations outside India.


Things to do: For a romantic stay, book a room at Saracen Bay Resort, go for a long drive along the vast roads of Cambodia with your beloved and go on a gastronomic ride with some delectable seafood.

When to Visit: The ideal time would be between October until mid-June.

20. Sexy Thailand

Photo credit: urpeach on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Thailand is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples for those looking for honeymoon destinations under 1 lakh rupees. Besides the sandy beaches, pampering Thai couple spas, scenic views; the country offers a plethora of exotic shopping and dining resorts, ideal for your cheap getaways honeymoon trip to Thailand.

Things to do: Date your better half in the caves of Rai Le, go cruising over the blue waters exploring the corals or indulge in water sports. Buy that sexy lingerie for her & enjoy some private time at the secluded beaches.

When to Visit: September to May.

21. Delightful Sri Lanka

The wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka, is a beautiful country and one of the cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. Charm your beloved with a trip to Sri Lanka as you both indulge in some cave exploration or a wildlife safari. Moreover, the serene yet breath-taking location adds up to the intimacy.

Things to do: Explore the caves at Sigiriya or walk across the pristine beaches, go for a wild jungle safari over the elephants or bask under the sun as the cool wind blows and pamper yourself with a couple spa at this exotic cheap getaways honeymoon destination.

When to Visit: The best time to visit would be August to February.

22. Beautiful Bhutan

Photo on Visual Hunt

For the cultural history buffs, Bhutan offers some spectacular honeymoon options. Celebrate your union at a seventh-century temple or a 17th-century fortress or in an old palace that resonates with amazing stories of yesteryears and head to the countryside for solace and privacy.


Things to do: Mesmerise her with a helicopter tour over the enigmatic Himalayas, go for a biking tour across the meandering roads of Bhutan and indulge in some cultural, spiritual and wellness tours together.

When to visit: You can visit Bhutan all the year round.

23. Mesmerizing Nepal

One of the richest countries in terms of bio-diversity & unique geographical position, Nepal has a lot to offer to every traveler. If you are a mountain lover, Nepal is the perfect honeymoon location for you. Scenic views, peacefully spiritual atmosphere, and fresh air will add a magical touch to your honeymoon.


Things to do: For adventure lovers, Nepal has a plethora of trekking trails leading you to the Himalayas. Honeymooners could also try river rafting, bungee jumping & more. Take village tours to experience a typical Nepali village.

When to Visit: Nepal can be visited the whole year round.

24. Banff, Alberta

A sheer bliss and a complete thriller are what Banff is all about. The charm of Canadian Rockies, the perfect blend of the pristine lakes, high-rising mountains, and the luxuriant green parks, is every bit of a wowzer. Undoubtedly one of the most exotic cheapest getaways honeymoon destinations in the world, Banff is also home to unique boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and grizzly bears. Watch out for the elks and don’t forget to pet a wolf-dog!

Things To Do: Cable car ride to Sulphur Mountains; horse-riding in the Canadian Rockies; dive into the upper hot springs; scuba diving in Lake Minnewanka; Caving in Basin National Historic Site, and more!

When to Visit: June to August and December to March.

25. Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


Couples who are in search of a low-key destination where they can indulge in an offbeat experience, they require not look more remote than Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland which is one of the cheap getaways honeymoon places in the world.

From the gleaming coastline of Solway Coast to the exciting encounters of yachting and windsurfing, picking the farmland of Dumfries and Galloway for a honeymoon experience is any day, a choice well made!

Things To Do: Explore the region of Drumlanrig Castle, relax in the authentic wood-fired hot tub, visit the Stewartry Museum, camping at Criffel, and more.

Best Time To Visit: March to May.

Heading to the exotic, fun beaches or escaping to the calm mountains? We’d love to hear your story! Revive the emotion with your beloved through these cheap getaways. Take your better half to these exotic locations and make your honeymoon a memorable one.

Comment below what did you choose from the list!! 


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