We always wanted to find cheaper airline tickets to save a bit on your pockets. Finding one makes us feel more boosted while planning our next trip. But most of the time we overpay in a hurry, as we don’t always have a choice as most of the time its hard to even find decent seats on the flight. But if looked further, we can score cheapest flights on the internet for our next trip with these travel hacks.


Many search engines don’t let you find the best deals due to contracts they have with specific airlines. This guide will not only answer your question of where to find the cheapest flights but will also share with you simple tips on how to get the deal for your next trip.


When you should begin and how to plan ahead of departure dates

It’s a known phenomenon that the nearer the departure date you book, the prices start to skyrocket. It is actually hard to figure out exactly when do I book, as flight prices also depend on the demand.

Usually, it’s safe to say that around 6 weeks before departure is an ideal time to get better flight deals while having an eye on the prices around 8 weeks prior. You can think ahead and may be rewarded with Early-Bird-offers.


Is there any ideal day to look for good flights?

Many people might not know that not only the day of your departure matters but also the day of your purchase makes a big difference in saving travel money. The flight prices can differ a lot on different days of the week, with weekends tend to be the cheapest as we hardly book on weekends.

But doing so can save several dollars. In our opinion, try to find the best flights between Saturday evening and (early) Monday morning. 


You should focus on choosing the right device to book your flights!

As most of the time, we don’t really care whether to use the iPad or laptop, it is noticed that there is a huge fluctuation between prices depending on your device. So we compared the prices and here’s what we found:

  • Booking from a computer is cheaper than from smartphones and tablets.
  • Booking from an app is costlier than from the website.
  • From Windows is cheaper than from Mac.

Hence, we decided to book our flights from a Windows PC using the internet browser. You should probably do the same.


Being flexible can also help you find the cheapest flights

Cheapest Flights Online

Flexible with time

This is easier when we still have a flexible itinerary, we can book for alternate dates, depending on the flight prices. Maybe this week is costly, checking the nearest dates can really land you better deals. And even if you are bound to book on that very week, maybe a different day. If you are free from depending on a specific time, there are many ways you can save up on flight prices.

Flexible to location

It doesn’t have to be on a vacation, you can do the same for short work-based travel. What if you can try a nearby airport than the one you are trying to book from. Maybe there is a different price, most of the time cheaper, on that airport. You can find many flights which are more affordable at that moment.

You can try to look at this box, don’t forget to click on nearby airports and include in your search for flights.



Flexible with destination

Flying to Bali is costly nowadays, but how about going to Bangkok instead and seeing Bali next when there are cheaper flights? Of course, almost all the time that you are looking for a flight, you decide on your destination prior to booking. But if you are flexible in where you are going, your compromise can fetch you cheaper offers.


Adjustable to quality

Do you necessarily need the luxury Emirates Flight? At the day, you can find low-cost alternatives. If you can book among these, you can save of a lot of travel money despite not having any luggage (just carry-on). You can at least do your short travels without the free drinks and extra snacks. Right?


How to find the cheapest flights online?

Being flexible to find the cheapest flights

1. Delete your Browser Cookies

It is something you often don’t worry about, as what’s the need of it anyway? Well, it may be a small detail but can have a great effect. You can clear them from Settings > History.

The cookies on your device help the search engine to crawl your browsing patterns. Especially when you have searched for this or similar flights before, the displayed fare might be higher than usual. That’s why it is important to delete your cookies before you book your flight.


2. Open an Incognito Browser Window

When you use a Flight Search engine, they will receive information about you from the browser which does influence the displayed flight prices. You can avoid that by going into an incognito window and see the difference yourself!


3. Open Jetradar

 Cheap flights and airline tickets

In our opinion, Jetradar usually shows us the best and the cheapest deals.

Considering there can be exceptions, but you are always free to compare with other sites as well. Although it is very rare that Jetradar cant gives you the best flight deals.

Before Jetradar, we used to use Skyscanner but often after I selected my preferred deal, they add high credit card fees to the price which ultimately led us to pay higher than what we agreed upon in the first place.

Click here to go to Jetradar and check for your cheapest flight.


4. Choose between One-Way, Return & Multi=City

Thinking ahead of your itinerary can really save a ton of travel money. You can save money when you purchase your return tickets while booking together. But it is never wrong to check for flights separately as well as sometimes the cheapest flights are from different airlines.


5. Enter your preferred flight details into the Search Mask and click on “Search”

When traveling with many, make sure to check your flight for one or two people separately and compare. Many a time, there are special offers which are great for one or two persons.

Or, you can also add details to your flight such as whether you are looking for direct flights or you prefer a specific airline. Although, you re most likely to land the cheapest flights when you opt not to provide many details.

You have to decide whether you want to reach your destination faster or cheaper or quicker!


Did you find your ideal flight? Then check more Details

Under every search result, you can find a small button saying “See details”. You can find various companies and websites offering the very same flight at different prices. Moreover, you will find more information about that flight.

If you are happy with the flight, you can click “Go To Site”, which will connect you to the site on which this flight is offered at the agreed price. Finally, its time to book it for god sakes!


Other websites to find Flight Deals

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right! You can be disappointed with your results. You would want it even cheaper. Luckily, there are more tools on the internet that allows you to extend your flight booking horizons.

Skiplagged – A brilliant flight search tool, can even check more flights opportunities for you. For instance, you are trying to fly to Munich from Thailand. But there is a flight from Thailand to Madrid with a stopover in Munich and is much cheaper than the direct flight to Munich. Skiplagged will do that on behalf of you.

Expedia – Prefer to stick with your favorite airline or you cant get a proper package deal for your next journey, Expedia got you covered! You can track down the cheapest flights to exotic destinations around the world.

Momondo – If you’re tired of bouncing between the various travel portals, you can look at Momondo. It is quickly becoming the favorite among many travelers searching for cheap flights.


Fearer Team: Please keep in mind that there can be always exceptions to the rules of the thumb stated above as airlines make their own prices.

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