A little tip before we start: if you only have a few days in Paris and you’re not under 26, you should definitely buy a Paris Museum Pass, that will let you go to all the museums and monuments you want, as many times as you want, and best of all, without standing in line, for cheap. If your age is under 26 you get free entry to most museums, but honestly, I wouldn’t visit Paris without that pass anyway. Just bypassing the long lines will be well worth the euros for you!


Paris has so many places to visit, walking around drives you into the charm of the Renaissance. You can find the charm in every detail in the huge city with various historical landmarks. Despite possessing such classic atmosphere, you can feel a whole new modern life.

Being here amidst such atmosphere for the first time and feeling why people fall in love in this city would definitely need more than a weekend. There are so many things to do, you can seek help from this 5 days in Paris guide and know about the most important points of the city.


First Day

You can start your day by visiting the neighborhood a little bit. There is something magical about walking in the city, you can feel the freshness of the city, which would itself encourage you to walk more.


freshideas / Pixabay

Take a metro to the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel Station takes you close to it. For your photographic thirst or even for the sake of it, climb on the tower to get spectacular views of the city.


ScarlateanuN / Pixabay

You can picnic in front of the tower especially if you are traveling in the summer months.

Head to The Louvre. There can be massive lines here, so your pass will be of good use here. It will be overwhelming with the vastness of it, so if you`re more into art and photography, you explore it when coming back to Paris on a bigger holiday.


139904 / Pixabay

At the end of the day, you can opt for the Siene Cruiser, and enjoy a colorful, romantic evening cruising along the River Siene and gazing at the illuminated monuments.



Second Day

You can`t visit Paris and not check out the city from above more than once. The Paris Panthéon dome is known for its 360-degree views of the city. It also depicts strong Parisian culture and history.


You can usually visit the dome with guided tours almost in all the days.

After leaving the dome, you can visit the famous Notre Dame. Traveling by metro, St-Michel Notre Dame Metro Station brings you closest to Notre Dame.


skeeze / Pixabay

If you can wait in the line for a bit, you can explore the beautiful interiors and statues inside it. The entrance is free for all and a visit inside will be worth it.  In a walking distance from Notre Dame, you will find the beautiful  St Chapelle which remains as a lesser tourist spot in Paris.


Hermann / Pixabay

As the night approaches, go see the Moulin Rouge, another must see in Paris. You can charm about the atmosphere in the place.


Third Day


The words Wine and France are a pretty good pairing. With the mood set, you can continue to explore the city at a local level with a visit to Montmartre.


dtrevi0 / Pixabay

The hub of creativity in the city and the home to the famous  Sacré-Coeur. will attract you. You can wander around and visit the vintage and antique shops and experience a completely unique vibe.


After having pastry in one of the numerous cafes, you can explore the hidden vineyards and quench your thirst.

From here, you can head to Arc De Triomphe. You will get spectacular views in Paris if you climb up the 284 steps to the top.

Arc De Triomphe-paris-in-five-days

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

This is a great view of the Avenue des the Champs-Élysées, one of the most popular streets.

Père Lachaise Cemetery-paris-in-five-days

139904 / Pixabay

If you are ready for more, head to Père Lachaise Cemetery. You might find it odd to go to a cemetery, but trust me, walking around many famous graves can be quite interesting.


Fourth Day


Despite there are so much left to see in the city, you must take a day to half-day trip to Versailles.


iankelsall1 / Pixabay             

Truly, one of the most incredible places in the world. It may take your whole day, so plan accordingly. Packing your lunch would be a good idea as you`ll see the palace, the gardens, and Marie Antoinette`s Estate, making you walk a lot. You will be amazed at the Hall of Mirrors and will take you right into a time warp, like living in the medieval world and the royal life.


charlemagne / Pixabay

Make sure not to miss out Marie Antoinette`s pink marble abode and the art that stands the test of time.


After spending the day in arguably one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, head on back to the city for something different. The Catacombs are underground tombs which possess remains of more than 6 million people. It will be a good option if you manage to return to the city within the day.


The Last Day in the City

Start bright and early with the Tuileries Garden and eat at a food stand. From here, walk down to the Rue de Rivioli for some of the best shopping you can find in the city. This grand street is flanked with shops, restaurants, and cafes.


jstarj / Pixabay

You can head to the Rodin Museum, where you can see the life works of Auguste Rodin`s The Thinker. Even though you don’t have time to tour the museum, take a stroll through the large sculpture garden where many of Rodin`s pieces are kept in a peaceful, natural setting.


12019 / Pixabay

Visiting Paris and missing out the Pont Alexandre III is unimaginable. This stunning bridge is a photographer`s dream. It crosses the Siene River and connects the Army Museum with the Clamps-Elysees. The bridge was completed in 1900, and a stroll across it (especially at dusk) is mesmerizing.


Time to be awestruck with the world cuisine of Paris in the evening. Prepare yourself to feel like you`ve died and gone to heaven when you taste Laduree macaroons and wander through St. Germain and taste chocolates from numerous amount of chocolate shops scattered around the area. Head to the Monsieur Bleu for a perfect dinner with a backdrop of the Iron Lady.

If your budget permits, you can end the last night with a show at the Moulin Rouge. Either way, it will be an enjoyable last night in Paris!


If you are not tired yet, you can find a good bar in Montmartre, to enjoy the rest of the night in the best Parisian style. Or you can just run straight to your hotel to hit the bed.


So there you have it, a perfectly planned out 5-days stay in Paris.

Bon Voyage!


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Sophie · February 27, 2018 at 9:54 pm

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Hi I`m flying to Paris for the easter holidays, thanks for sharing this post with places to visit in Paris,this will really come handy as I will not waste time looking for what to do.

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    Our pleasure🙂..to help you with this post. If you come across some places that we missed sharing plz commment…

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