While on holiday, we mainly focus on arranging our stay and flights for our trip. Next, we want to have a general itinerary of what we plan to do when we get to our destination.

Once you take care of these basics, it’s your time to relax. Yes, of course you’ll want to take great photos of the trip, and you readily plan to buy your wish listed digital camera or even a DSLR. If you are not into serious photography and prefer to stick with your smartphone to do the job, nowadays you can also do that, if you know what you’re doing.

But that’s the question you need to ask yourself. How to take great photos while on vacation? To improve your photography skills and overall quality of the photos, here are some tips that will help.

Take Pictures with Proper Timing

You will want to take pictures early around sunrise and late around sunset. Why? Because this phrase is commonly called ‘golden hour’, which will enrich your photos with the golden hue. You will find the tones are ideal and soft, and often creating brilliant shadows.

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Golden Hour

You can avoid taking pictures at noon as much as you can, as the harsh lighting conditions often results in not so Good-looking photos. Try once, you will see the difference.

Fearer Tip: Even if it looks like the sunrise or sunset might not be so beautiful, wait around. You never know when the clouds might break or the sky randomly lights up in brilliant colours.

Keep the Horizon Straight

While many think it’s unique and edgy to take uneven photos, but it’s more of bad photography, with slanting horizons. You should definitely avoid that. One way you can implement this to your photos is by dividing your frame with a 3 by 3 Squares. Have the lower 3 squares filled up by the horizon, so you don’t have the photo split in half.

This is a general rule of photography, known as the Rule of Thirds. It will be loads easier for you to figure it out if your camera features having those grid squares superimposed on the frame to help you compose your shot.

Fill your Frame

You need to make sure you are close to your subject or zoom into them with your camera. This technique focuses on a particular subject and it doesn’t include distracting and unessential imagery.

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Filling your Frame

Having the subject fill up your entire frame adds to the distinctive nature of the photo, making your image stand out.

Take Plenty of Photos

You know how they say practice makes one perfect. Well, it actually works with photography as in life. It’s great that these days you don’t have to spend money on wasted film. Just take a bunch of pictures during the day, then when you’re back in your hotel room you can take a look at all of them and see what you have.

Just delete the bad ones, and then save the photos on iCloud so you still have lots of hard disk space for a new day worth of pictures.

Edit your Photos Properly

If you still think that editing your images is some sort of ‘cheating’, them you are missing out on several improvements you can make to your images. If you really want your travel photos to stand out, something you can gladly share with family or social media, you really need to invest some time in editing your images.

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Edit your Photos

With the right photo editing software, you can adjust the exposure levels, reduce sensor noise, improve the shadows, minimize the highlights, and soften the color tones.

Be Unique with your Photography

There’s nothing wrong with getting those iconic shots of the famous landmarks. They’re beautiful and are often amazing angles of famous places that everyone wants to visit.

But don’t forget to be unique as well! Find a different perspective that hasn’t been photographed a million times. In fact make it your goal to get a few unique shots that you can be proud of.

Rules were meant to be broken as well, so if you’re looking at a scene to photograph and have a crazy idea for some composition, then just go for it!

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