Wondering where to go next?  We bring you our list of 10 Hand-Picked Magical Destinations to narrow down your wish list.

We often get mentally tired working day in and out. Some of us save the hassle, but life makes them go through the same fatigue state. Ultimately, we all end up being somewhat frustrated, irritated which reflects in our lifestyle. So we often try to find solace, mostly by forgetting the stress and cooling off.

So why not do all that in a secluded place far away from all the hustle n bustle? Right. Travel.

Travelling far away from stress for some days can really rejuvenate you which results in an increase in productivity at work.But it seems every place is crowded by tourist. Its hard to find bliss amidst a crowd. So we look around for offbeat places to venture out. This is where we are coming in to suggest you some magical stretch of land spread out in around the globe with our list of 10 Hand-Picked Magical Destinations To Visit In Your Lifetime.

These magical destinations are something you can’t ignore if you plan to venture out!

Machu Pichu, Peru
Glacier Bay, Alaska
The Enchanted River in Surigao, Philippines
Yangshuo, China
Kauai, Hawaii
Cenote Dzitnup, Yucatan, Mexico
Cape Town, South Africa
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Koh Samui, Thailand
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Santorini, Greece
Paje, Zanzibar
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Table Mountain, South Africa
Ilulissat, Greenland

Pick a destination and start packing your bags!


Machu Pichu, Peru

goldbug / Pixabay

For visitors wanting to visit the southern landmass of America, a visit to the Inca city of Machu Pichu is a must. It’s a spectacular location, best known for its archaeology.
This ancient city was never revealed to the conquering Spaniards and was almost forgotten until the early 20th century.
Despite a great tourist influx from around the world, the site manages to retain all its grandeur and mystery. It`s a must visit for all visitors planning for a trip in South America.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

skeeze / Pixabay

From the bottom of the deepest glacial fjord to the summit of its highest peak, Glacier Bay encompasses some of America`s most amazing scenery and wildness.
It`s a rare place which offers human solitude and a remote wildness that is rapidly disappearing from today`s world. It is also part of the largest internationally protected Biosphere Reserves in the world, and it is recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site.

The Enchanted River in Surigao, Philippines

TRULY ENCHANTED. Local tourists enjoy swimming in the blue waters of the Enchanted River in Hinatuan town in Surigao del Sur on June 22, 2012. MindaNews photo by Erwin Mascarinas

Hidden in the Philippine forest covers, The Hinatuan Enchanted River in Mindanao, Philippines, is a short stretch of river that seems to pop up out of the ground just to send its miraculously clear, blue water out to the sea.
The Flow attracts visitors from around the world who want to experience the beautiful waters that locals have long thought to be miraculous.
In fact, no one is sure exactly where the saltwater emanates from, although the prevailing theory involves an underground cave system which spits the river out, free of any dirt or silt which would usually cloud such a stream.
Whatever the explanation, the clean waters are a natural wonder unlike any other.

Yangshuo, China

DEZALB / Pixabay

Little craziness is what sometimes helps us more when we look for a calm ambiance. Yangshuo can provide you just that. Yangshuo is known to be one of China’s gold ticket draws.
The settlement has become a hub for Chinese tour groups, bewildered Westerners, pole-dancing bars, and especially touts. The place comes alive mostly in the evenings and how!
Yangshuo is all thumping music and beverages and of course, selfie-sticks. But go up a few flights to a hotel rooftop bar and behold the ethereal beauty of the surrounding karsts, their peaks lit up by searchlights.
The landscape is quite enthralling and karst. Visitors planning for Asia should definitely keep Yangshuo in their itinerary.

Kauai, Hawaii

We find Kauai in many Instagram accounts and travel blogs. Why? Because it`s the ultimate destination in Hawaii. The Garden Isle fulfills every kind of traveler, not to mention, it’s one of the most beautiful natural places in this world. Beaches, hikes, resorts; make for a perfect itinerary for everyone.

The Garden Isle is a must do when Hawaii is your destination.

Cenote Dzitnup, Yucatan, Mexico


Located within just 10 kilometers south of Valladolid, Cenote Dzitnup or Cenote Xkeken is a stunning cenote to explore.
If you are in the mood of experiencing the recipe of Tequila or just to get soaked in the colorful cultures of Mexico, give Cenote Dzitnup a visit to fulfill your swimming or snorkeling ambitions.
The less natural light conditions will provide you with enough shade though that can mean you will get privacy or peace, as the place is often crowded (because of travel junkies and internet hubs like us). It is ideal for swimming and safety is also handled by active lifeguards.
So feel free to have a day out in the water with an amazing looking ceiling to relax and enjoy the time with your mates.

Cape Town, South Africa

Counselling / Pixabay

A coming-together of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes, there’s nowhere quite like Cape Town, a singularly beautiful city crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain National Park.
Having the status of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the city lives up to the expectations with its surreal natural topography blended with people and culture.
It’s an ideal place to spend your hard-earned vacation days if you are into city dwelling and culture magnet.

The oldest urban city in the country, Cape Town will mesmerize you throughout with its unique art and heritage. Diving into all these can really fill your exploratory nature.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park offers something special for everyone. The largest collection of hoodoos in the world can really wake your sense of wonder and imagination which is rare amidst all the hustle and bustle of our daily day to day activities.
The unique topography attracts millions of people in a year, most of them often delighted in the fantastic scenery and recreations. Hiking, Horseback Riding, Biking are some of the popular activities around the year.
Planning a trip to the national park can really rejuvenate you and bring the optimism back in your life which transcends the productivity back in the working world.

Koh Samui, Thailand

If you are feeling like dozing in a hammock or sunbathing in a lazy sunny afternoon, Koh Samui can really be an enthralling destination ideal for you.
The deep blue sky combined with the sun-kissed beach, Koh Samui offers ideal arrangements for a perfect retreat for travelers looking to be lazy in the sun and party on the moon.
After a lazy day in the beach, you can hop into any of the faceless roadside shacks for your hunger drive. Finishing the day easing off in the spas can take you to the next level of serenity.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

EMersinger / Pixabay

The Cliffs of Moher in the westernmost regions of Ireland is often considered the best place to visit during the stay in Ireland. The 5 miles long coastline allows a close look at the cliffs, making us awestruck in the makes of nature.
There are surely few places in Ireland more dramatic than the limestone cliffs, constantly taking hits from the Atlantic and showing vigor and aura.
For many travelers, the western coast of Ireland is considered somewhat of a dream trip, and with the stunning Cliffs of Moher being a highlight, we couldn’t agree more.

Santorini, Greece

Mariamichelle / Pixabay

The white Cycladic houses lining the cliff tops makes Santorini look like a giant slab of flavored pie. Santorini is well known among travelers; hence you would see crowds around the year.
The place seems to be packed for every expectation of a traveler, from excellent wineries and dining experiences to a deep historical dive into the past. Santorini effortlessly has all in store for you.
The nights in Santorini is something to look forward to, as when the sun sets for the day, the reflections in the white houses with the reds of the cliffs can be truly spectacular. Photographers may get his golden ticket capture for National Geographic campaign!

Paje, Zanzibar

dan80i / Pixabay

In the coast of Tanzania, the African island of Zanzibar is itself a magical destination with bright beauty and dark history. The beaches are stunning throughout the island, the breezes are warm and the beer is cold.
Paje, located just an hour drive away from the airport, offers the perfect intimate ambiance with the beaches of white sand and shallow waters.
Despite the village being woken up in a busy resort town, the village stills hold the intimate touch. There`s a lot more to see, do and enjoy on this small island village in the Indian Ocean.
Paje offers adventure junkies sports. You can set sail for kitesurfing to round off the day and satisfy the trill. Paje is slowly crawling to be a decent beach destination.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Poswiecie / Pixabay

Dive deep into the hymn of the weekend in Angkor Wat, the most beloved and best-preserved temple of Cambodia. Thought to be a miniature replica of the universe, the architecture reflects a robust, healthy and wealthy period of history.
Mostly visited in the months of November to March, the greener months between June to October make Angkor Wat relive its mysterious and magical glory for yoou to experience.
End the enthralling day with a fiery red sunset at the East Mebon sites or the Pre Rup. Its an ideal destination for travelers seeking inner peace.

Table Mountain, South Africa

Counselling / Pixabay

How adventurous will it be to trek to the top of one of the world`s most iconic landmarks!
Table Mountain, designated in 2011 as one of the world`s new Seven Wonders. Fill your thirst for adventure and trill with a grueling hike up to the summit and get rewarded with splendid views of the Cape.
Table Mountain is a must visit when your itineraries circle around Cape Town. There are other hikes that aren’t as steep as the summit, suited for every level of your physical prowess.
This time for Africa!

Ilulissat, Greenland

getspotted / Pixabay

How about a return to the Ice Age in your itinerary?

Greenland and more precisely its third largest town, Ilulissat certainly can give a taste of the prehistoric era. Its rainbow-colored houses are located right at the mouth of a 40km ice fjord.

This Unesco World Heritage site is the place to be if you want to experience the other siblings of the titanic wrecking iceberg, as the icebergs are calved from the Jakobshavn Glacier.
Dining and drinking in views of the ice fjord from the bars and restaurants to getting to know about the local life at the harbor, Ilulissat certainly remains high on the list for travelers alike.


What To Do Next?

What`s Next? Shortlisting among these magical destinations is what you need to do next!

The time is up for sitting on the couch and wondering where to venture out. Our list of 10 Hand-Picked Magical Destinations can be the golden ticket bit of information. The world is a vast place which offers us many surreal destinations to venture out. Hence go plan your itinerary and set off. You can choose from any of these magical destinations and come back to us in the comments on how it boosted your active human nature!

good luck and bon voyage!

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