Regardless of whether for business or joy, travel can be fun and energizing – or disappointing, and exhausting. You can control – or at least minimize – many of the inescapable burdens with some advance preparation and right travel accessories.

My mother always says, “Carry everything with you, so that when you arrive, your things arrive too.” When traveling alone, packing light is not important as packing smart.

Below are the top 15 products that make you a better traveler. Here is something on this list for everyone: minimalist carry-on bags, Case that will charge your phone, an app that will keep track of your luggage, and many more. 


1. Tile –  Keeps track of your luggage, and can locate it when lost


Tile is a phone-connected, Bluetooth-enabled tracker. You can prompt Tile to ring if it’s within 100 feet of your phone. Conversely, you can press the Tile logo’s “e” to ring your phone. The companion app also records the last location the tracker recognized your item. If someone else snatches your luggage and it goes out of Bluetooth range, you can expand the search using all Tile apps in the Tile community.

Tiles need to be replaced every year because the battery runs out, and can be bought at a discount in bulk.

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2. Vapur is a collapsible bottle that’ll keep you hydrated (the ultimate jet lag deterrent).

Flying? Try not to drink alcohol and stick with water. This bottle is great because it won’t take up space when it’s empty and has a handy carabiner for attaching to the outside of your pack. There are also a variety of alternative caps available.

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3. Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC23 is a fantastic noise-canceling earbud option.

These buds can cancel up to 90% of background noise and run on a single AAA battery, which lasts up to 60 hours.

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4. The Bucky Eye Mask is a must.

Yeah, they look like eye bras but WHO CARES when you can get glorious sleep!

A good eye mask will block out light from screens or windows, plus they’ll deter attendants from waking you up. What’s great about Bucky’s mask is that the shade is contoured, so it won’t smudge makeup or put pressure on your eyes. They can also be folded in half and easily stowed in a pocket or purse.

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5. Sockwell’s Compression Socks for Women and Men promotes circulation and minimizes swelling on long-haul flights.


These graduated compression socks are great for long flights or any situation in which you’re sitting down for a length of time. The spandex integrated throughout the sock increases blood flow throughout your feet and calves – plus they’ll keep your feet warm!

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6. Anker’s Premium Extended Battery Case will keep your phone powered and protected.


You can find a link to the Samsung version here. For traveling, I recommend a battery case, instead of an external pack, because it cuts down on extraneous accessories. But you should know that this case charges through a micro USB cable, which non-Android owners may not have.

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7. Lewis N. Clark Hidden Waist Stash Wallet


After seeing fellow tourists wear hidden money belts that were so bulky and obvious, I never thought I’d own one. But after the stress of having to leave my luggage for a day in a hotel’s self-service locker room, I realized it was time. After some research, I landed upon the Lewis N. Clark Hidden Waist Stash Wallet, which is so light-weight, I often forget it’s even on. With multiple pockets, I’ve been able to organize my passport and other currencies without having to give them a second thought. The protection layer against cyber fraud offers bonus security.

8. Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

Even though I bought my small Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack ( a one-liter size) for my camera and phone when I found out it would be raining during the day, I’ve now taken it along on almost every trip. If anything, it serves as an extra pouch, where I know all my electronics and chargers will remain organized and dry.

9. RFID Travel Organizer

RFID is a chip that transfers information wirelessly, and it can be found in your passports and credit cards. Scammers can easily buy RFID readers and swipe your data by walking alongside you on a subway or on the street.This wallet, which has a big pocket for plane tickets and two smaller pockets for a passport and credit card, can store all of your most important papers while protecting you from identity theft.

10.Sanstar Men’s Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack

If you’re going to a part of the world where there aren’t great roads or you’ll be hopping from bus to bus, you’re not going to want a roller bag, it is better to opt for a duffel bag instead.  It has a spacious main compartment, lots of mesh stowaways for organizing, and generous end pockets, large enough to fit size 12 shoes. The bag is waterproof and built with reinforced ripstop fabric, which prevents runaway tears.


 11. Laser Lite Foam Earplugs provide a quiet oasis but won’t leave your ears sore


This is my personal pick for plugs because they’re actually soft enough to sleep in. To get the most out of them, pinch the tips repeatedly until they’re very narrow the insert in your ear and wait for the form to fully expand. What I love about Laser Lites is how comfortable they are without compromising noise protection.

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12. SeCro Universal Travel Adapter With Built-In Dual USB Charger Ports


When you travel as much as I do, you often find yourself considering such cosmic imponderables as, How can we, the human race, ever achieve world peace if we can’t even agree on freakin’ standardized electrical outlets?!  My solution? This All-in-One Universal Travel Adapter — a single, compact unit with a USB adapter that you can use almost anywhere in the world.

13. Various Wipes 

Being on your own, you want to avoid getting sick at all costs, so I go crazy with wipes to ensure minimal contact with germs. Before every trip, I head to Target’s travel section and stock up on every form of wipes: Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes for my hands, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go for my plane and train seats and the hotel room (yes, I’m that person!), and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to, well, to keep you feeling fresh and clean in all those public restrooms.

14 Neat Feat Men’s Zori Sports Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop


In addition to the aforementioned two pairs of shoes, throw in a pair of flip-flops. Since they’re water resistant, they serve a different purpose and are flat enough to take up minimal room along the side of a suitcase. Besides being useful for days at the beach, they can also protect your feet in the shower or a hostel floor you’d rather not step on. My favorite pair is still the tried-and-true Neat Feat Men’s Zori Sports Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop.  


 15 Glive’s Waterproof Travel Outdoor Emergency Conitale Medical First Aid Pouch Kit Storage Bag Organizer

Only you know what you might need the most, so run through your itinerary and the worst-case scenarios. For me, this usually includes a drugstore run to pick up Dramamine, Imodium, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Neosporin, large patch bandages, eye allergy drops, and contacts rewetting drops. But when I get home, I strip off the packaging and just organize the actual items in plastic bags, writing the dosage directly on the back of the packaging in Sharpie so that it all fits into one small bag. And don’t forget to bring to your daily multivitamins to keep you strong on the road.

Disclaimer: The links in this articles are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase in the Amazon page, we would get a small commision. Thats how we maintain this blog. 🙂 

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Top 15 Travel Accessories

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