There are mainly two types of people who travel: travelers and tourists. While neither is a bad practice, but a real traveler favors the idea of attaching themselves to wherever they go. They look forward to getting out of their comfort zone and blend with their destinations. Mixing with what’s surrounding you is sometimes difficult, which is why few ranges of travel skills can really brave those barriers.

It’s not always easy to go into the unknown being good at one or two things. Before you book your flights, you should give time to sharpen such travel skills as you’re going to rely on as you head where your eyes go.

Why are such travel skills important?

Traveling can be daunting at times. Especially when passing through virgin trails and remote villages, having travel skills can be a boon for you. You need to be courageous to take part in the local lifestyle, culture, and cuisine. But being courageous only will not be enough.

The most important trait or skill which you can possess is adaptability. You can suck at the following skills I mentioned below, but if you cannot adapt to new situations, you won’t make it far.

many things will happen with you while you travel – some good, some bad, some in between. No matter what, if you travel with an open mind and some travel skills, you won’t give up on your trip, instead, live the fullest.

8 Travel Skills Every Capable Traveler Has

A real traveler knows how to take care of himself/herself if any inconvenience occurs while traveling. Such traits help you to get the most out of your upcoming trip. So here is a list of the basic travel skills that makes you enjoy your travel more.

1. Pitching A Tent


The tent will be your best friend while backpacking!

There is an aspect of knowing the basics which we are often forgotten but is absolutely essential when you travel. As our practice of following off-the-beaten paths grows on us, knowing how to pitch your tent, is more important than ever.

Camping or backpacking on serene trails can be a beautiful experience provided you know how to do your tent. Not only it becomes your best friend when traveling solo, It also withstands the harsh conditions outside to keep you in comfort. Learning to pitch a tent safely and correctly is a vital travel skill during your backpacking trip.

2. How To Use Your Cooking Gear

As the stereotypes of believing cooking as female only long took its parting, It is also one of the essential travel skills you should have. When hiking, camping and backpacking, you would feel like a capable traveler, who can do it all that’s out there!

For that matter, you should know how to use the cooking gear efficiently, and which ones for what. With this travel skill, you can set it up anywhere and everywhere, keeping you one step ahead of your time and your trip.

3. Knowing To Read A Map


Find your way with a map than depending on gadgets solely.

This is one of the easiest travel skill out there, which is capable of making or breaking your backpacking trip. With the introduction of GPS, it’s somewhat become obsolete to use a map for directions and knowing where you are.

However, you would not like the idea of feeling lost in case your GPS stops responding or having no connection net zones. A map will ultimately save the day if even such mishaps happen on the road.

4. The Art of Haggling


Knowing the art of haggling can get your goods at amazing prices.

Often there is this practice of some sellers who hikes the price just because you are native there. You don’t want to drain your travel money on overpriced stuff. If you’re a seasoned veteran then most of this stuff will be common knowledge, but for those who are new to haggling, you’ll be needing it in foreign countries.

If you’re in the developing world, you will find haggling to be more welcomed than you would imagine. It can be tiring and hard on your nerves at times, but if you can keep an open mind, you will emerge from the market with a rewarding feeling.

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5. How To Tie Knots


Tieing a knot is a very important trait for travelers, especially while backpacking.

One can easily differentiate the amateur traveler from an experienced one by the way he/she ties the knot while traveling. We have all seen Bear Grylls tying knots to survive severe conditions on Man Vs. Wild. It is very useful and sometimes can really help you in tight situations on your travel.

From strapping cargo to your car, lowering your pack over a ledge to lashing your canoe to shore – you should know it all.

6. How To Signal For Help


A help signal can really pull you out of grave situations on the road.

The ability to signal for help is also one of the most efficient travel skill that you need to know on your expeditions. Especially, if you are caught up in a situation where you are in danger or just lost your way, you should know the basic signals that help you out of the situation.

Distress signals can be anything, from high-tech electronics to just a cloth and a stick. This travel skill is one of the most under-practiced ones that can really diffuse serious situations on the road. Having the presence of mind of using signals can take you one step further in your quest of being a complete traveler.

7. Traveling Lightweight


Traveling lightweight helps you mix with your surroundings more.

You would need to be proficient enough to be good at traveling light, which easily can ruin your trip. To travel light, you need to be able to maneuver according to your destination.

This would help you avoid extra baggage and weight, which we often regret on tiring trails through nature. It is definitely not easy, that practice makes perfect. This art of light travel will really rejuvenate you, allowing you to flex more in your travels.

8. Learning The Local Language


Learning local languages can make you take part in the lifestyle and cuklture of your destination.

It’s always great to know a language other than English, but many of us don’t. Instead, we rely on certain keywords or phrases to get the job done. Especially while traveling to remote regions, it may just happen to be necessary.

Stop relying on “do you speak English?” and show that you are really trying. Getting out of your comfort zone will give you the confidence to interact with the locals, and the locals will anyway appreciate your efforts despite you are terrible at speaking their language.

As you can see, certain travel skills and preparation will really be handy, especially if you’re a traveler, keeping you ready for any mishaps which may come untimely on your travels. Once mastered, you can relax, adapt and breathe. That panic will not chase you, instead, you can take matters into your hands and resolve themselves.

And last, but not the least, developing your moral code and showing respect to the local culture will certainly help you become a part of the locals, who will be eager to resolve any mishaps that may happen while on the trip.

Bon Voyage!

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